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Many Thanks to

the following people
and story sites

To the people of the Cherokee nation and in particular Dianna Wolfe, who brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart .
May the spirit of sharing that you and your tribe show grow to fill the whole world. you may reach Diana at:

This site would never have happened without the kind and patient help of Mary Roberts, who did a great job on the logo and link images, went through a minefield of code with a novice and checked, helped me understand a lot about CSS and rewrote when I made a complete shambles! Kind regards always.
You can reach Mary at

To Gethin Morris, who went above and beyond the call of duty, unmixing my mixups….cheers mate….and if aladdins lamp still has no apostrophe, who gives a!

To Egbert Polski, My lecturer at GMIT,Castlebar, Co.Mayo.
I had a dream and you helped it become a reality.
From the first steps, Egbert had patience and optimism to help me design this site.
Through its developement he saw the design from many perspectives and guided and instructed.
Many thanks Egbert.

To Viktor Andonov many thanks for all your help and suggestions and for sharing material from one of my favourite sites for stories.
Check out Viktors site at:


Gave kind permission to use the following story text and audio from their website:
Billy Goats Gruff
Golden Goose
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Many thanks for all your help and encouragement.
You can check out their great site at:
the storybud logo

A lot of the content on Storybud has been given with kind permission of both The Guttenberg Project and Librivox. Both these sites carry a huge range of text and audio stories and other content which you can download from their sites.


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