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The Pigeon and

the Crow

Once upon a time the Bodhisatta was a Pigeon, and lived in a nest- basket which a rich man's cook had hung up in the kitchen, in order to earn merit by it. A greedy Crow, flying near, saw all sorts of delicate food lying about in the kitchen, and fell a-hungering after it. "How in the world can I get some?" thought he? At last he hit upon a plan. When the Pigeon went to search for food, behind him, following, following, came the Crow. "What do you want, Mr. Crow? You and I don't feed alike." "Ah, but I like you and your ways! Let me be your chum, and let us feed together." The Pigeon agreed, and they went on in company. The Crow pretended to feed along with the Pigeon, but ever and anon he would turn back, peck to bits some heap of cow-dung, and eat a fat worm.

When he had got a bellyful of them, up he flies, as pert as you like: "Hullo, Mr. Pigeon, what a time you take over your meal! One ought to draw the line somewhere. Let's be going home before it is too late." And so they did. The cook saw that his Pigeon had brought a friend, and hung up another basket for him. A few days afterwards there was a great purchase of fish which came to the rich man's kitchen. How the Crow longed for some! So there he lay, from early morn, groaning and making a great noise. Says the Pigeon to the Crow: "Come, Sir Crow, and get your breakfast!"'


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