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sweet pea land.

From The suns babies by Edith Howes.
Age Rating 2
to 4.

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Oh, have you been to Sweet-pea Land,
Where little brown seeds once lay?
And have you seen the tall green swings
That cover that Land to-day?

And have you seen in Sweet-pea Land
The dear wee ladies who swing?
They've blowing frocks of blue and pink
As light as a silken wing.

And have you smelt in Sweet-pea Land
The scent the wee ladies throw
From each to each, as up and down
The wonderful green swings go?

And have you heard in Sweet-pea Land
The question-song of the bee? "
Dear Lady Pink, Dear Lady Blue,
Have you some honey for me?"

Oh, come with me to Sweet-pea Land,
Where little brown seeds once lay;
Where green swings rock in the summer wind.
And pretty wee ladies play.

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