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How a hunter obtained money from his friends.

How ball carrier finished his task.

how drummer the woodpecker came by his red cap.text

How fire was brought to the indians.

How flax was given to men

How Geirald the coward was punished.

how howler the wolf got his name.text

how it happens johnny chuck sleeps all winter.text

How Jack went to seek his fortune.

how lightfoot the deer learned to jump.text

How Molly spent her sixpence.

how mr flying squirrel almost got wings.text

how mr weasel was made an outcast.text

how old king eagle won his white head.text

how old mr crow lost his double tongue.text

how old mr heron learned patience.text

how old mr mink taught himself to swim.text

how old mr otter learned to slide.text

how old mr squirrel became thrifty.text

how old mr toad learned to sing.text

how old mr tree toad found out how to climb.text

how sabai grass grew.text

how_sir_galahad_won_the_red_cross_shield text

how_sir_launcelot_saw_the_holy_grail text

How some wild animals became tame ones.

How summer came to the earth


how the beggars came to town.text

How the blossoms came to the heather


how the cowherd found a bride.text

how_the_symry_land_became_inhabited text


how the eyes of old mr owl became fixed.text



How the little brother set free his big brothers.

How the night came.

How the quail became a snipe.

How the rabbit lost his tail.

How the raven helped men

How the robin came.

How the robins breast became red.

How the tiger got his stripes.

How the toad got his bruises.

how to grow rich.text

how tufty the lynx happens to have a stump of a tail.text

How wry face played a trick.


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all your favourite HOW TEXT stories



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