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How Christmas came to the Santa Maria Flats.

Ella Peattie


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Download the audio of this story
Download the audio of this story

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Bells: Couple Silver Christmas Bells on white background by Keerati.                 Tree: Sltized Christmas tree illustration by Paul.
Baby with xmas hat and scarf by -Marcus-.                Red ice under the light by Nuttakit. A sack of Christmas gifts by Grant Cochrane.
Christmas Decoration by Feelart.
Robin by James Barker.                 Christmas Biscuits by Grant Cochrane.
Pine tree by James Barker.                 Christmas Figure design by Victor Habbick.
Christmas Gift by Toa 55.                 Snow man by Simon Howden.
merry Christmas by duron123.                 Christmas tree with snowflakes by jannoon 028.
Boy and girl in Santa Claus costume by Sicha Pongivanich.                 Merry Vhristmas set by Akarakingdoms.
Santa and reindeer by Simon Howden.                 Santa and reindeer plane by bandrat.
moon with santa by Suphakit 73.