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Brianna changes her birthday.

Created from an idea by Brianna halligan aged 5.
Age Rating 4 to 8.

Start of Story

It was 6 30 on a Saturday morning and Brianna crept into Daddy's room. In she sneaked, into the big bed saying "Can you give me a cat scratch massage please daddy?" Knowing of course Brianna had Daddy wrapped around her finger, she then suggested Can you put the café de Paris radio station on your phone? Of course daddy obliged and as they curled up for a snuggle Brianna said "Daddy you know the way my birthday is in July, well I think I will change it. "So when will you move it too said dad" "Christmas, silly,Brianna replied, and then I will get loads and loads of Christmas presents and birthday presents too. Now this happened in November and Brianna said the birthday change would happen that Christmas.

So Christmas day arrived and as Brianna stood in the sitting room under the tree, the family approached and gave her a present, well actually two presents. One for Christmas and one for her new birthday day. Thing was, there was 425 people in the house that morning, so it wasn't long before the presents got higher and higher around Brianna, who was only 2 and a half feet high. Now mummy and Brianna's brother Rory and all the other people had gone into the kitchen to have a biscuit and a fizzy drink, just putting their presents on the big pile around Brianna as they left. Soon she was totally covered and not even her voice saying "Who put the lights out?" could be heard. When the 425 people returned they looked for Brianna, but not a trace of her could be found. She didn't show up for Christmas dinner, she was nowhere to be found for the crackers and pudding and cream and even when her brother Rory took her 3 favourite purple wrapped sweets from the BIG sweet tin to give her, there was no sign of her at all.

All the people searched for Brianna, that is they searched after having their dinner, lots of sweets, watching 4 Christmas movies and opening their own presents of course, but, still no sign of Brianna. "Don't worry said mum, she will come along soon to open all those presents, as she pointed to the corner where the pile of Christmas/birthday presents almost reached the roof. The one under which Brianna was, but of course she couldn't be heard or seen under the pile. Well the 425 people slowly went home and that night as Rory was tucked into bed he thanked mama for a lovely Christmas and said "But I missed my sister Brianna" "So did I said mama, don't know where she got too but I have a feeling we will see her soon" And as mama went downstairs, she said to herself "and I have a feeling she will move her birthday back to July when we see her again"

Well the presents stayed in the corner waiting for Brianna to return. January came and went but no Brianna. She missed school, her brothers birthday and Valentine's Day too. In March there was still no sign of her, the pile of Christmas birthday presents was still in the corner as everyone celebrated St Patricks day. The Easter bunny came and went in April but Rory minded Brianna's Easter eggs in the hope that his little sister might make an appearance. He thought she must be having a great time in beautiful butterfly land or fairy princess land or wherever she had gone but he did miss her. May and June passed by and the school holidays arrived but still no Brianna. "It will be her birthday soon" said mama, pointing to 21st July on the calendar. Wonder will she arrive. Anyway mummy and Rory now decided that they should give that big pile of presents in the corner to the charity goodwill shop, at least some children with no toys might get them. So they got a very big sack and in one big whoosh they had the pile of presents in the bag, the pile with Brianna stuck underneath!!! Down at the charity shop, Donald the owner was delighted and as mum and Rory left for a burger and chips he began to sort out the pile to put on the shelves.

Meanwhile in the burger place, Mickey D's, Rory asked "Mama Can I have the burger Brianna would have got if she were here? I do miss her but I will think of her when I am eating it?" "Yes, Rory, said mama with a smile, don't eat too much though or you might be sick" "Mama" said Rory a few minutes later, can I have the milk shake Brianna would have had if she was here. "Yes, Rory, said mama with a smile, don't eat too much though or you might be sick" "Mama" said Rory a few minutes later, "can I have the ice-cream and the toy Brianna would have had if she was here? "Yes said mama but don't make yourself sick. They left the burger place with Rory looking slightly green. 10 steps later Rory got very peucky sick all over his new shoes. "Did you eat too much said mama? "No mama, really I just got sick cos I was thinking of how I miss Brianna so much, and the toy she would have got was a silly girly fairy. "Me too said mama; maybe we will go to the charity shop on the way home and treat ourselves because we are a bit sad.

Down the mall towards Donald charity shop they strolled, minus the sick on Rory's shoes, thanks to a Mama hanky, which always seem to magically appear at such times. Now at the charity shop, Donald had taken everything out of that big sack; he had priced everything, including a life size dolly that was under all the other stuff. "Let me go" said the doll, I am not a toy" "my my said Donald these dolls are so life like these days, she's just like a real little girl, she can give out and screech and cry…..and ouch kick people in the shins! But Donald managed to get that doll on the shelf with a price sticker on her mouth, because it seemed a good place to put it. Mama and Rory arrived in a few minutes later……and a very posh lady behind them. As they looked around, Rory said, look mama that doll looks just like Brianna my sister. So she does said mama

"I think we should buy her Rory, what do you think"? said Mama. "I think so mama, cos I know you miss my little sister as much as I do. Mama looked at the price tag on the doll and decided she could afford 2 coins. But just then the posh lady grabbed the doll and said "that's mine, thank you. I want it for my daughter who has 200 dolls, 300 cats and 25 doll houses. Well mama and Rory pulled the doll by the feet and the posh lady held onto the bargain by the head and Donald was getting a bit scared. "Now ladies, talk about it please" Mama turned to Rory with a knowing smile "Rory she said do you have any coins" "Well mama, I have a coin that I would have given to Brianna if she was here, but since she's not, you can have it mama, the needs of the many…..and all that! "Thank you Rory said mama and turning to Donald she said "I think it's worth 3 coins. Without a word Donald gave the brianna sized doll to mama, the posh lady disappeared in a puff of smoke rage and Rory and mama left for home with their purchase.

When Rory and Mama got home they were amazed to see that the dress the doll was wearing was very like the one Brianna had worn the previous Christmas, when she had disappeared. The shoes the doll wore were the same too. But most of all those sparkly rainbow bright eyes were just like Brianna's used to be. Rory went to remove the price tag. "Just a minute said mama, Hmmmm, doesn't say, Batteries not included, void where prohibited, may contain parts unsuitable for children under 2 years, Conforms to safety standards. "Ok Rory,said Mama, I think its safe to remove the price tag."

The doll stood still, and then she put her arms out, one around mama and the other around Rory and said "I love you"Cos you're my favourite one and only Mama and brother", and she gave each of them the biggest hug ever, and it was free too! next day was Brianna's real July birthday and since that day she never thought of moving her birthday again. Would you?


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